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  • Is Lael using a "flock" strategy "New mass destruction weapon" for the first time in Israel?

It was reported that Israel was the first in the world to conduct a "flock" operation of a drone (unmanned) controlled by AI (artificial intelligence), which is said to be a "new mass destruction weapon".

In an article on June 30, an electronic version of the British science journal, the Israeli army used a small drone like a flock in a conflict in the Gaza area in mid -May, and made Hamas armed forces.He found, confirmed, and attacked.According to the magazine, this is the first time that the "flock" of the drone was used in actual battles.

The "flock" here is "Swarm" in the original language, and if it translates directly, "hordes such as bees will fly around."A small drone with a variety of functions is skipped as a flock of insects to understand the enemy's situation in detail and attack from a drone with the most effective means.

For example, a reconnaissance drone is in charge of detection such as visible light, infrared light, and radiation, and some attack drones are equipped with machine guns and missiles, and some self -destruction attacks.In addition, the "flock" may accompany the jamming drone that disturbs the enemy's radio waves.


After the human soldiers take off, these drones act while exchanging information with the AI instructions and attacks at AI's judgment.The size is different, and the Indian army flew the "flock" of 75 drones during the military parade in New Delhi in January 2021, but in the future aiming at 1,000 "flocks".It is said ("Forbes" electronic version, 2021).

Small drones flying in low altitudes are difficult to supplement with radar and other places, and can be entered into buildings or caves.Also, even if one of the "flock" aircraft is shot down, another drone of the same function will be replaced.

The low cost is also a strength.The aircraft of the drone used in the "flock" is almost the same as the consumer aircraft.If you have a 10 -kilometer drone for pesticide spraying, it will be around tens of dollars (hundreds of thousands of yen), so even if you add military equipment to it, it will be at most tens of thousands of dollars (several million yen).。

The "New Scientist" has not disclosed how Israel used the "flock" of the drone this time, but he was in charge of the Israeli Army 8200 units and found a Hamas rocket base that is in the house.It is alleged that AI has attacked and hit in a way that was determined to be effective.

These drones do not require advanced technology or expensive development costs, so they are developing outside of military powers, especially Turkey and Israel have begun to export various small drones and control systems.。

On April 5, 2021, the "Nuclear Scientific Society", which publishes the remaining time until the extinction of human beings due to nuclear wars, states on April 5, 2021 that "the drone is a new mass destruction weapon."The paper was posted.The destructive power is comparable to one atomic bomb with 39,000 drones.

In November 2020, in November 2020, it would be a matter of time to skip 3051 LED drones, draw animations in the air, update the Guinness records, and control the A -bomb -class "flock".

For this reason, international rules that regulate "independent -lethal weapons (LAWS)", including drones' "flock" operations, are becoming necessary.Under such circumstances, Secretary -General Kato has stated last month that LAWS itself does not develop from a position to pursue security and humanitarian balance, but should we study defensive means at least?

[Writing: Journalist Taro Kimura] [Cover design: Hisashi Saito]